Our team of brokers and operation experts have a combined experience in excess of one hundred years, having previously worked in various trading houses, ship owning and operating companies.

We work closely with major global industrial groups and commodity traders dealing with cementitious products, solid fuels, steel products, minerals, agricultural products and fertilizers to name a few.

Our experience especially in handling cementitious products has given us probably the largest portfolio of clients in the industry of manufacturing and trading such commodities across the globe.Besides the above, the Chartering department is also involved in :

  • Providing market information to the management through daily/monthly reports.
  • Preparing monthly reports on in/out chartering fixtures concluded by the department.
  • Forwarding brokerage commission Debit Notes to concerned commercial department for payment of brokerage commission after C/P is signed.
  • Conducting weekly meeting with empanelled brokers.
  • Reviewing performance of the brokers on a periodic basis.

Clients expect smooth operation and optimum utilization of vessels in accordance with Charter Party provisions. In order to give clients the best services, the concerned operation departments (Technical and Commercial) are in constant contact with the vessels/various agencies/clients so that the operations are executed as per the clients expectations and C/P provisions.

In case of disputes, the endeavor is always to sort them out amicably. However, disputes where an amicable solution is not possible are referred to an Arbitrator, as per the Charter Party provisions regarding arbitration.